Monday, February 09, 2004

Aug. 14, 1968
Birthplace: Cleveland
Height: 5'7"
Education: Studied broadcast journalism at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland
Family: Raised by her nurse mother, Judy Berry; father left when she was 4 years old
Married: To baseball player David Justice 1993-96
Distinctions: Berry, a first runner-up in 1986, received the Miss USA pageant's inaugural Distinguished Achievement Award in 1998.

Halle Berry has worked hard to show Hollywood that she's more than just a pretty face.

The vivacious actress was born and raised in Ohio, and spent a charmed childhood competing in beauty pageants, including the Miss Teen America crown. She also was the editor of her high school paper, a cheerleader and class president.

But there were many challenges for Berry growing up. "When I was younger, living in an all-black neighborhood the other kids thought I was better than them because of my light skin and straight hair," said Berry about growing up with mixed ethnicity (her mother is white). "Then we moved to an all-white neighborhood and that was a culture shock ... I'd been used to being around all black kids."

After cutting her teeth in the beauty pageant circuit, Berry left home to study acting in Chicago and made her first big impression on the silver screen in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever."

Berry, who wanted to show she was more than eye candy, took her role as a crack addict with gusto and even refused to bathe for several days in preparation. "I knew right from the start I'd have to do something that would steer the focus away from my physical self," she remarked.

She's also starred with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Eddie Murphy ("Boomerang"), Bruce Willis ("The Last Boy Scout") and Warren Beatty in "Bulworth."

Berry also has turned down some high-profile gigs, including the lead in "Speed" (which was later taken by Sandra Bullock) and a role in "Waiting to Exhale."

But for all her movie roles, Berry also is known for her turbulent marriage to Cleveland Indians outfielder David Justice, which ended in divorce after flurries of allegations and a request for a restraining order against Justice.

Nevertheless, Berry's star power continues to grow, and she has confidence that age won't affect her career. "If you take care of yourself, there's no reason to fear age," Berry told Mr. Showbiz. "I look forward to getting older and, hopefully, gaining more knowledge."


... that Berry starred in a short-lived spinoff of "Who's The Boss"? (1989's "Living Dolls")

... that she was named for the department store Halle Brothers?

... that she lost 80 percent of the hearing in her left ear from an injury sustained from a physically abusive lover?

... that she was forced to share the prom queen title her senior year of high school after she was accused of stuffing the ballot box? (Her co-queen was a "white, blonde, blue-eyed, all-American girl.")

Sunday, December 21, 2003

yada yada yada, this is my first test post on the blog...

Halle Berry is a goddess, I think we all know that ;)

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